Groundbreaking: “Explicit” Sexual Education Textbook Causes Stir in China

A new Chinese elementary school textbook that teaches children about intercourse, homosexuality, menstruation and gender equality, has caused a stir on social medi in China. Although some criticize the book for its “graphic illustrations”, others are overjoyed with this bold step forward for sexual education in China.

“I Wish We Never Bought A Japanese Car” – Lasting Scars of Anti-Japanese Demonstrations

It has been four years since violent anti-Japanese demonstrations erupted across China. Still hospitalized for his injuries, Xi’an resident Wang Jianli was attacked during the protests for driving a Japanese car. In a recent interview that has been going around Chinese social media, his wife blames Japan for their suffering. It was September 2012 when […]

The Last Downer: China and the End of Down Syndrome

As new screenings that can predict if an unborn baby has Down syndrome are growing in popularity, they have also sparked debate across the world – mostly because their results can lead to parents choosing for abortion. But the ethical debate that has been so alive in many other countries seems practically non-existent in China, where Down syndrome seems to be slowly disappearing from society. Unborn babies with Down syndrome are allowed to be aborted to up to nine months of pregnancy.