Fans Say They Will Use Drugs after Kai Ko Drug Bust

The manager of Taiwanese actor Ko Chentung 柯震东, also known as ‘Kai Ko’, has spoken out for the first time today after Ko’s arrest on August 14. The actor and singer was arrested for possession of drugs in Beijing together with Jaycee Chan, son of famous actor Jackie Chan. Kai Ko’s manager Chai Zhibing has confirmed the […]

Netizens go crazy over Sherlock Holmes’s ‘Coming Out’

Trending Topic of August 7, 2014: What was once an April Fools joke has now turned into a heated online discussion: is Sherlock Holmes ‘coming out’ coming up in the next season? The popular television series has become a serious hit in China; its third season has been viewed over 70 million times. A large group […]

The Adventure of the Funü: China’s ‘Rotten Girls’ and Sherlock Holmes

It is all over the Chinese Internet: Sherlock Holmes is gay. The British television series, based on the famous stories by A.C. Doyle, has become an enormous hit in China. Amongst its fans, there are many who identify as ‘funü’ (腐女), young women obsessed with gay love.