“Borrowing the Chicken for Its Eggs” – What Went Wrong Between Dutch Soccer Club ADO and Chinese Owner Wang

The relationship between Dutch soccer club ADO Den Haag and its Chinese owner Mr. Hui Wang has been a rocky one since the beginning. What once seemed to be the start of a successful takeover of the struggling Dutch club, has now finally reached an all-time low after the Dutch court ordered Wang to pay approximately 2.6$ million on Thursday. What went wrong in this Sino-Dutch ‘soccer war’?

“Chinese People Unwilling to Get Married” – What BBC Forgot To Mention

Less people are tying the knot in China, the New York Times recently reported. The news triggered the hashtag “Chinese People Unwilling to Get Married” on Chinese social media. BBC News covered and contextualized the discussion in a recent article. But the article misses one incredibly important aspect of marriage in China, What’s on Weibo’s Ryan Myers says.

Wang Baoqiang’s Weibo Marriage Crisis: (Ex) Wife Ma Rong Strikes Back

The Weibo statement of Chinese film star Wang Baoqiang (王宝强) about the illicit affair between his wife and his agent became big news earlier this week. Now that his wife strikes back through Weibo, Wang’s marriage has once again become the trending topic of the day. The Wang & Ma marriage crisis has become a Weibo drama with millions of netizens watching it unfold.

Behind SK-II’s China’s “Change Destiny” Campaign

The ad campaign of skin care brand SK-II has been all over the news, both in and outside China, since it was launched on April 7 – triggering much discussion on the phenomenon of China’s ‘leftover women’ and the ad itself, with some calling it hypocritical.

Weibo’s Double Standard on ‘Pornography’

The Chinese government has launched its large-scale online anti-pornography campaign earlier this year, blocking and censoring thousands of Weibo accounts for erotic content – yet the latest leaked erotic naked pictures of Hollywood stars remain uncensored. Is Ai Wei Wei really more ‘sexy’ than Jennifer Lawrence?