China’s 2017 Next TV Drama Hit – “Rule The World”

Upcoming Chinese costume drama “Rule The World” will not be broadcasted until later in 2017, but the show is already one of the most anticipated Chinese TV dramas of the next year.

The new upcoming Chinese TV drama Rule the World (独步天下, literally: ‘Walking Alone Under Heaven’), directed by Shao Jinghui (邵警辉), has already become a hit on Chinese social media – despite the fact it will not be broadcasted until 2017.

The historical romance drama became a much talked about topic (独步天下) on Chinese social media after the Tencent Video Convention earlier this month, where the drama was formally announced and its promotional posters were revealed.

The drama’s cast and producers held a celebratory kick-off ceremony for the show on November 15.

The drama’s leading star is Hong Kong singer and actor Raymond Lam (林峯), who personally came to the convention to talk about Rule the World.

Rule the World is based on a 2007 novel by the same name by author Li Xin (李歆). Its title has also been translated as An Unrivaled World.

The Rule the World romantic novel is quite popular among Chinese netizens; about 18 million people read about the book on Sina Weibo. The book revolves around a time traveling female photographer named Bu Youran, who goes back 400 years and whose soul enters the body of the beautiful woman Dong’ge. Her role will be played by Chinese actress Tang Yixin (@唐艺昕), and Raymond Lam will play the part of her love interest, Huang Taiji.


Although the majority of Chinese netizens look forward to the upcoming costume drama, there are also those who are worried the TV drama will not be able to be as good as their favorite novel. They will have to wait and see until later in 2017 to know if the show will (not) be able to live up to the novel.

– By Manya Koetse
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