Chinese Comedian Zhou Libo Arrested in New York

Chinese stand-up comedian Zhou Libo (周立波) became the number one trending topic on Chinese social media on Friday after news of his arrest came out. Chinese netizens are now turning their backs on the celebrity.

The famous Chinese comedian, actor, and host Zhou Libo (周立波) became the number one trending topic on Sina Weibo on Friday. The comedian was reportedly arrested in New York for the illegal possession of guns and cocaine.

According to Thatsmag, the 49-year-old Shanghainese Zhou was the first Chinese comedian to perform at the Carnegie Hall in Manhattan. In China, he is well-known for being the host of the Mr. Zhou Live Show and for being a judge on China’s Got Talent.

Zhou was arrested when he was driving around Long Island together with another person. The police stopped the two men for talking on their phone while driving, and then found weapons and drugs in their vehicle.

On Weibo, many netizens discuss the Zhou case (#周立波被捕#) and are not feeling sorry for the star: “We should shut out all celebrities who use drugs,” some commenters say.

The Communist Youth League also responded to Zhou’s arrest, writing that the comedian once even talked about celebrities using drugs on his show, saying: “Don’t worry, I’ll never do drugs. Even if I would deal drugs, I still wouldn’t use it.”

“I won’t have to see him on TV anymore,” one commenter said. Most people agree that Zhou got what he deserved for using drugs, and that prison is where he belongs.

Some Weibo users don’t beat around the bush about how they feel about Zhou now: “He has no morals, we hate him.”

– By Manya Koetse
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