Chinese Netizens Infatuated With Sohu’s ‘My Little Princess’ Hit TV Drama

China’s latest hit drama My Little Princess (亲爱的公主病) has been trending on Chinese social media recently, with many netizens infatuated with the show and its main actors. The show is produced and broadcasted by Chinese streaming platform Sohu.

‘My Little Princess’ (亲爱的公主病) is China’s latest hit drama. Broadcasted by web portal Sohu (搜狐), the show has become a top trending topic on Sina Weibo recently under the hashtag of ‘My Dearest, Princess Syndrome’ #亲爱的公主病# – the literal translation of the show’s name.

My Little Princess is a romantic comedy drama, produced by Qi Wei (戚薇), directed by Taiwanese director Yu Zhongzhong (于中中), and starring Thai singer and actor Mike D. Angelo (@泰星Mike), mainland model and actress Zhang Yuxi (@张予曦), Taiwanese actor Chen Bairong (@陈柏融) and Taiwanese actress Du Yan (@杜姸).



The drama revolves around the trials and tribulations of the story’s four main characters – three rich kids and one girl from an impoverished family. Firstly, there is the extremely rich and spoilt ‘princess’ Lin Xincheng (Zhang Yuxi) who is supposed to marry the equally rich and glamorous Zheng Chuyao (Chen Bairong). But at the first occasion where the two ‘destined’ lovers meet, Lin Xincheng mistakes the handsome piano player (Jiang Nianyu/Mike D. Angelo) for her future fiancee. When she meets the real Zheng Chuyao, she soon finds out he does not like her but instead has fallen for the sweet and innocent servant Yu Yangyang (Du Yan).

mlp4The little spoilt princess Xincheng (actress Zhang Yuxi) meets handsome piano player Nianyu (Thai star Mike D. Angelo)

mlp6The cutest girl of the bunch Yu Yangyang, played by actress Du Yan.

Besides their romantic relations, the four characters are also connected through their school – the Four Leaf College, a top-notch private art academy where all the snazzy rich kids go. In between all the fu’erdai [2nd generation rich kids] students, there is the young and poor Yu Yangyang, who comes from a family of soup sellers and was allowed to go to Four Leaf College as a special exemption.

Part of the show’s success is based on the appearances of its main cast. Weibo netizens especially praise leading actress Zhang Yuxi for her beauty and Mike D. Angelo for his ‘attractiveness index’.

mlp5Glamorous and pretty, actress Zhang Yuxi.

“This show is just too good,” one Weibo netizen comments: “The main girl likes one guy, that guy loves another girl, that girl loves the main guy, the main guy loves the main girl.”



In between all these complicated relationships, the show also caters to so-called ‘rotten girls’ (腐女, fujoshi – female fans of manga, novels and storylines that feature romantic relationships between men) as it contains some (very) slight homoerotic scenes. Earlier this year, Chinese censors banned the depiction of (explicit) homosexual relations in television series, which is why the shows ‘Addicted‘ was pulled off the air.


This is not the first show produced by Chinese streaming platform Sohu. Earlier this year, it also produced hit series Gogh The Starry Night (评价女王).

The first (subtitled) episode of My Little Princess can be viewed online at

-By Manya Koetse

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