Here’s RoboCop! China Now Has Its First Police Robot

China’s very first police robot made its debut at Zhengzhou Station this week. The robot, that has a face recognition system, can help the police to catch fugitives and answers questions from passengers.

On February 17, China’s first-ever police robot made its debut at Zhengzhou’s rail station.

The robot can move around by itself, and through its face recognition system, it can assist the police in recognizing fugitives. It can also interact with people and answer their questions. Additionally it measures the air temperature and can warn people in case of fire or other calamity.

News of the robot’s appearance was published by different official Chinese media outlets, from Xinhua News to China Youth Daily.

China has increased its spending on robots for years, and is also increasingly profiling itself as a robot nation. The China Machinery Industry Federation aims for China to be one of the world’s most intensively automated nations by 2020.

“Where is his laser gun?”, some people on Weibo wondered.

– By Manya Koetse
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