Watch: Man Publicly Shamed For Filming Under Skirts in Shanghai Subway

A man was publicly shamed in a Shanghai subway station after he was caught secretly filming under women’s skirts. The video of his shaming is being shared by Chinese netizens.

On June 12, a man was caught allegedly filming under women’s skirts on the Shanghai subway, after which he was publicly shamed by an angry husband [see video, turn subtitles on].

The incident allegedly occurred on Line 1 at the People’s Square station (人民广场站), according to Shanghai broadcaster SMG News. The secret filmer was later taken to the local police station.

Many Weibo users applaud the man for confronting the secret filmer, but there are also many who disagree with him hitting the man in the face.

Some netizens feel the man was not “shamed” at all: “Where is the shaming? The man in the video just emphasizes that what he ‘despises most is men who secretly film under women’s skirts and give men a bad name’ – can you call this ‘shaming’?”

Men secretly filming under women’s skirts has become a recurring problem since the rising popularity of smartphones in China. Every year before Summer, social media users warn each other to be extra vigilant when wearing skirts in public transport or on escalators, because men find creative ways to get some under-skirt footage.

Last April, Weibo netizens spread pictures of a man taking pictures under skirts at the Hefei busstation.


It happens often that it looks like someone is just casually holding their phone on public transport when a woman wearing a skirt stands near them, while in fact they are secretly recording.



For many netizens, the man in the video “shaming” the filmer is a true champion. “A hero has risen,” many netizens say.

“I just cannot make sense of these perverts,” one Weibo user says about the secret filmer: “I just don’t see what’s so interesting about the inside of a skirt?!”

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