Chinese Comedian Zhou Libo Arrested in New York

Chinese stand-up comedian Zhou Libo (周立波) became the number one trending topic on Chinese social media on Friday after news of his arrest came out. Chinese netizens are now turning their backs on the celebrity. The famous Chinese comedian, actor, and host Zhou Libo (周立波) became the number one trending topic on Sina Weibo on […]

What Chinese Kids Think About Trump

On the day of Trum’s inauguration, the president-elect is all the talk on Weibo. A video in which Chinese children express their views on America’s new president is now making its rounds on Weibo.

CCTV Plays It Safe With This Year’s Official Spring Festival Mascot

What will this year’s official Chinese Spring Festival mascot be? After last year’s controversy, CCTV has kept it safe and traditional for this year’s Rooster zodiac mascot.

“Spring Festival Survival Kit”: This Song Describes Young People’s Uncomfortable Chinese New Year Experience

As Chinese New Year is just around the corner, a new song is going viral on Chinese social media. It describes the pressure experienced by young people who are bombarded with nagging questions by their family and relatives when they come home for Spring Festival.

Weibo Night Awards: These Were The Most Influential Weibo Brands, Events & Celebrities

The night of January 16 was Weibo Night (#微博之夜#) – the yearly much-anticipated ceremony that looks back on Sina Weibo’s hottest celebrities and happenings of the last year.

China’s Disappearing Rural Schools: Teacher Keeps School Open for Two Students

In a rapidly urbanizing China, small rural schools are slowly disappearing. As children move out to the cities with their parents, some schools – once lively village institutions – have now become empty buildings. In the mountainous region of Youyang County, one teacher keeps his school open for two remaining students.

The Rise of Pear Video (梨视频): Making Short News Videos Trending on Chinese Social Media

Pear Video (梨视频) is the new kid on the block in the pool of China’s many digital news platforms. Its rise is noteworthy as it comes at a time when authorities are strengthening regulations on the media sharing ‘non-official’ news videos. Does Pear Video show the way China’s new media is going?

Woman Cuts Through Village Network Cables for Better Feng Shui, Leaves 8000 Households Without Internet

A woman in Anyang was so focused on her home’s feng shui recently that she cut through eight cables near her house, leaving 8000 households without internet.

Tianjin Woman Running Balloon-Shooting Booth Sentenced To 3.5 Years in Prison

The case of a middle-aged woman from Tianjin who has recently been sentenced to 3,5 years in prison for running a balloon-shooting booth has angered Chinese netizens. As many were not aware the airgun game was illegal, some wonder if all Chinese are ‘law-blind’ now.

Alibaba Diplomacy: Jack Ma Says China-U.S. Relations Should Be ‘More Friendly’

The meeting between U.S. President-elect Donald Trump and Alibaba chairman Jack Ma on January 9 in New York has got netizens talking. Could Sino-American relations indeed be strengthened through ‘Alibaba diplomacy’?