Woman Cuts Through Village Network Cables for Better Feng Shui, Leaves 8000 Households Without Internet

A woman in Anyang, China, was so focused on her home’s feng shui recently that she cut through eight cables near her house, leaving 8000 households without internet.

A woman in Tongye town in Anyang, Henan, recently cut through eight optical cables that were crucial to the village’s communication network, leaving 8000 households without phone and internet for a day.


Chinese news magazine The Observer (@观察者网) reported on Weibo that the woman named Mrs. Cheng cut through the cables intentionally to improve her home’s ‘feng shui’ (风水).

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese doctrine that focuses on harmony and balance. It helps organize one’s home or office based on its principles to keep negative energy away. The prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields, for example, is believed to have a negative influence on people’s health – which might have been the reason the woman cut through the village optic cables.

“According to her thinking, these cables are bad for the brain,” one netizen responded: “Perhaps it’s better if she moves to the mountains.”

“This shows how important education is,” others say.

“What a cruel woman,” someone else writes: “In the present-day era, you can cut off anything, but don’t cut off our wifi!”

Various Chinese media report that the woman will be sued for vandalizing public property. “At least her feng shui will be very different in prison,” one commenter writes on Weibo.

– By Manya Koetse
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