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What’s on Weibo provides daily societal, cultural and historical insights into what is trending on Chinese social media. Visitors have free and unlimited access to the vast majority of our articles, and can read our selected premium content through a one-click-pay system provided by the journalism pay-per-article platform Blendle.


What’s on Weibo’s Premium Content

Our premium articles provide in-depth insights into Chinese trends and digital developments. To be able to provide these articles, that require specialized research, we ask our readers a one-time small fee (0.45€/0.49$) per premium article. No subscriptions, no hassle, no catch. Yes, really, completely subscription-free, no strings attached!

What’s on Weibo & Blendle

What’s on Weibo provides premium content through Blendle, a pay-per-article service that lets you keep a virtual wallet and read any of the news made available from its partners without a regular subscription. If you don’t like what you read, Blendle will refund the price instantly, no questions asked.

With over 1 million registered users, Blendle is one of the biggest platforms of premium journalism, and has currently about 20 publications, including The Washington Post, the Economist, the Financial Times, Time, Bloomberg Businessweek, New York Magazine, the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal participating in its U.S. “beta” launch. To read more about their services, check out

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