‘Diaper Proposal’ Goes Viral on Weibo

It is a romantic dream for most women to see their lover kneeling down with a diamond ring and a bunch of beautiful roses. For one Guangzhou woman, however, this dream turned out somewhat different.

A young man named Feng proposed to his pregnant girlfriend with over 50 packs of diapers on Tuesday in Guangzhou, China. With the help of his friends, Feng arranged the diapers in the shape of a giant heart alongside the Pearl River, joined by a big banner saying: “Will You Marry Me?”

He then gave his girlfriend another bag of diapers, carried by a drone, with a diamond ring inside. His girlfriend, who seemed surprised and touched by the gesture, said yes.

The spectacular scene attracted the attention of many bypassers and was photographed and uploaded to Weibo, leading the topic to become trending under the hashtag of “Diaper Proposal” (#纸尿裤求婚#).

The proposal was inspired by Taiwanese celebrity couple Alyssa Chia and Xiu Jie Kai, who announced the birth of their baby daughter through social media this summer. They later shared a video titled “Mothers who lack sleep” (缺睡妈妈), illustrating the exhaustion of working and stay-at-home mums who have to wake up at all hours of the night to take care of their crying baby and change their diapers. The video was sponsored by ‘Libero’ diapers.

Taiwanese actors Xiu Jie Kai previously said he would take up daddy duties such as changing diapers and bottle-feeding to reduce the burden on his wife.

The video ‘Mothers who lack sleep’.

Unsurprisingly, the same brand of diapers used in the video shared by Alyssa Chia and Xiu Jie Kai, were also used for the proposal in Guangzhou. “From now on, your happiness and the baby’s happiness are my responsibility. I will take care of our baby at night time and make sure you have sufficient sleeping time every day,” Feng said during his proposal. The intention behind his creative proposal was the promise to his girlfriend that he would be a good father, and that he would make sure that his girlfriend would not turn into a ‘tired mummy’.


Many of the Weibo comments for Feng’s creative proposal are positive. Many netizens give their thumbs up. Weibo netizen @Mr___Saturday commented that the way one proposes is actually not important; what counts is the sincere love of Feng for his girlfriend.

Some users see the commercial value of the hyped proposal: “This is just excellent marketing for Libero Diapers,” Tony says.

– by Jennifer Tang

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