Is This the End of Huawei Goes America?

According to a March 22 report by Cnet, America’s leading consumer electronics retailer Best Buy will stop selling Huawei products over the next few weeks.

Although Chinese tech giant Huawei is amongst the biggest in the world, it is having trouble to access the US market. Best Buy is the most important distributor of Huawei’s phones, laptops, and smartwatches in the US. If Best Buy really cuts ties with the brand, it would be a big blow to Huawei’s expansion to America.

Bloomberg reports that the split comes amid U.S. government criticism of Huawei’s close connections to the Chinese government.

Earlier this year, the two top mobile phone carriers in the US, AT&T Inc. and Verizon, already stopped selling Huawei phones after alleged pressure from the US government over security concerns.

In February, the heads of six major US intelligence agencies warned American citizens no to use Huawei products, nor those of Chinese multinational ZTE, because of concerns over undetected espionage.


“If you buy Apple, you’re a traitor to the country.”


The Huawei ‘boycott’ also comes at a time when President Trump has announced plans to impose tariffs on Chinese goods, with many taking it as a start of a US-China trade war.

On Weibo, the topic of Best Buy (百思买) boycotting Huawei was discussed under multiple hashtags, one being “Another Blow for Huawei in the US” (#华为在美国再受打击#).

Many netizens respond to the issue with a call for a boycott of American tech products in China, and a plead to Chinese citizens to only buy made-in-China electronics. One netizen said: “If you don’t buy Huawei you’re not patriotic, and if you buy Apple you’re a traitor to the country.”

Others also said they could not care less about a coming trade war with America: “My Huawei phone is Chinese, even McDonald’s China is now in Chinese hands, and I don’t care about American movies. So what do I need American products for?”

By Manya Koetse

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