Fans Say They Will Use Drugs after Kai Ko Drug Bust

The manager of Taiwanese actor Ko Chentung 柯震东, also known as ‘Kai Ko’, has spoken out for the first time today after Ko’s arrest on August 14. The actor and singer was arrested for possession of drugs in Beijing together with Jaycee Chan, son of famous actor Jackie Chan.

Kai Ko’s manager Chai Zhibing has confirmed the actor will be released on August 28th, after a detainment of 14 days. He also stated that Kai Ko feels “very ashamed” and will give a press conference in Beijing immediately after his release from prison. If and when the actor will continue working is not yet known.


In the meantime, Ko Chentung has become a trending topic on Sina Weibo again, with a dramatic plea from his fans for preventing ‘Kai Ko’ from being stigmatized and shunned for his drugs use. Many fans say they vow to use drugs in support of Ko if he disappears from the entertainment industry. Other netizens express their contempt with these statements from Kai Ko’s “brainless” fans.


Many Chinese actors have been arrested for drug abuse this year. The arrest of Ko Chentung over drugs abuse is especially controversial because he appeared in an anti-drug advertisement in 2012. In the anti-drugs video Ko Chentung, together with other famous actors and singers, clearly states: “I don’t do drugs!”.

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