Landslide in Shenzhen – Weibo Responds

A landslide has caused 22 buildings to be buried in Shenzhen, south of China. There are two workers’ dorms amongst the buried buildings, Chinese media report. The number of casualties is still unknown.

On the morning of Sunday December 20th, around 11.40, a massive landslide hit a Chinese industrial park on the outskirts of Shenzhen, Guangdong,   SCMP reports. According to Sina News, the landslide caused some buildings to collapse, while others were buried. The number of casualties is still unknown, but it is said that most workers were evacuated before the landslide. Police is currently removing people from the area, as there is the danger of the nearby natural gas plant exploding. In one family house, four people have been buried by the slide. BBC reports that some 1500 firemen are at the scene.


According to CCTV News, 7 people were rescued from a collapsed building, and 41 are still unaccounted for. Over 900 people have been evacuated.

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These images were issues by Sina Weibo breaking news:




Latest pictures by Shenzhen Evening News show buildings on the verge of collapsing:




On Weibo, the topic became trending under the hashtag of “Shenzhen landslide” (#深圳山体滑坡#). Netizens express their worries, with many people stating they hope there will be no casualties. Many are also asking for more information on how the landslide could occur. One Weibo netizen writes: “It is not rainy season, nor is there a typhoon. It is not high season for land slides; is this the result of natural occurences, or human activity?”

“What a disaster! Nature is upset!” one user responds. Another user says: “This place is very near my work, and I had to work this Sunday. I heard the firetrucks all morning and really hope everyone is okay.”

By Manya Koetse

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