Transsexual Chinese Woman Cannot Change Post-Surgery Gender

Although sex change surgery is possible in China, the legal aspect of a sex change remains problematic. The story of a young Chinese man who went to Thailand for a sex change and then could not register as a woman back in China became news in online Chinese media earlier this month.

Xiao Lin (小林), a Chinese national from a small town in Sichuan province, went to Thailand for a male-to-female sex operation in March of this year. Although the surgery was successful, Xiao Lin ran into problems back in China, when she wanted to change the gender in her household registration and ID card, as reported by Sichuan News.

Xiao Lin was the first transgender case her county level Public Security Bureau had encountered. In order to process her request for an official gender change, they had to report to the prefecture level bureau, which then had to ask the provincial level bureau for the official procedures. As Sichuan News reports, Xiao Lin finally was told to provide proof of her gender issued by a domestic hospital, along with a notarized certificate, which would then have to be authorized by the prefecture.

Although Xiao Lin provided all the necessary documents, the material issued by the Thai hospital was not approved by the bureau. With no domestic hospital willing to issue the papers for her, Xiao Lin’s case has come to an impasse. She is a female in body and mind, but remains a man on paper.

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