Young Man Buys Small Dog, Turns Out Not to Be a Dog at All

A strange story is currently making its rounds on Wechat, involving a small black dog that turned out not to be a dog at all.

Beijing News reports that a young Chinese man wanted a pet, and, on his limited budget, decided to purchase a small dog from a local dog seller.

At the beginning, the article says, the man found the small animal to be chubby and cute, but the longer he had it, the more he found the dog’s appearance very strange. Besides the fact the dog did not grow any hair, it also did not run like a dog.

With some help of the internet, where photos of the creature were posted, the man then discovered he was not the proud owner of a small black dog. This blog from late September is asking its readers to identify the animal (“Do you know what this creature is?”).

By now, it seems to be clear that the animal is a bamboo rat. In some parts of southern China, the bamboo rat is farmed and eaten.

According to Beijing News, the man has since decided to give the animal away; he was not sure how to raise a bamboo rat.

By Manya Koetse


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