“Cheap”, “Ugly”, “Nothing like Hong Kong” – Netizens Disgruntled with New Shanghai Disneyland Trains

Shanghai’s very first Disney-themed trains will start running on June 16, the very same day of the grand opening of Shanghai Disneyland. Many netizens, however, are disgruntled with the design, saying it is ugly compared to that of Hong Kong’s Disney trains.

On June 14, Shanghai Metro accounced through its official Weibo account (@上海地铁shmetro) that its first Disney-themed trains will start running on June 16 at 12:00 noon.

The trains will operate on Line 11, that runs between the Disney Station and Luoshan Road Station.

“These trains are the result of a long-term strategic cooperation between Disney and Shanghai subway,” the post says: “All the design, images and different elements of the themed trains have received the official authorization from Disney America.”

Shanghai Metro released the following pictures of the train’s design:




sh disney 3



Most Weibo netizens, however, did not like the design at all, saying the Disney-themed trains in Hong Kong are much prettier.

“This looks so cheap,” one commenter writes. Other Weibo users also think the Disney “wallpaper” looks “cheap”.

There are also netizens who think the ‘special theme’ looks “forced”. “This is nothing special. It’s just a regular train with Disney paper stuck to it.”

“So ugly,” one netizen says: “This nowhere reaches the level of the Hong Kong Disney trains.” And: “This is just plain ugly in comparison to Hong Kong.”

Hong Kong Disneyland has been open to visitors since September 2005. Its Disneyland Resort Line was opened earlier in the same year. The train has special Mickey Mouse windows, Disney-themed interior couch seating, and bronze statues of Disney characters displayed in the carriages (see pictures below).

HK disney train



A reporter sits in the new Disneyland Resort Line train in Hong Kong April 25, 2005. The entertainment park launched the Disneyland train which will bring visitors to China's first Disney theme park when it opens on September 12. REUTERS/Kin Cheung


There are also netizens who are understanding of the difference between the Shanghai and Hong Kong Disney trains: “Although there definitely is a huge difference with Hong Kong, I can also understand it. After all, the passengers are different, too. If the sofa was like the one in Hong Kong, it would probably be ruined within a couple of days, and the Mickey rings would be gone.”

“Actually, I don’t think it’s as ugly as some people here say it is,” another commenter says: “Come on, let’s be a bit more supportive of our own homeland Disney!”

Shanghai Disneyland will hold its three-day grand opening ceremony starting from Tuesday. It will formally be open to the public at noon on Thursday, which is also when the Shanghai Disneyland train will officially start running – whether Chinese netizens like it or not.

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– By Manya Koetse

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