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FAQs: The Answers to Your Questions

Here are some answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] we get at What’s on Weibo.

Q: What kind of site is this?

What’s on Weibo is an independent news site by Manya Koetse reporting social trends in an ever-changing China. What’s on Weibo sheds light on Chinese social media, dynamic digital culture, and the key shifts shaping modern China. With a strong focus on China’s online media environment, What’s on Weibo aims to explain the stories behind the hashtags. For more about us, read our ‘about page’ here.

Q: Can you help me with questions relating to my Weibo account?

We can’t, sorry. What’s on Weibo is in no way affiliated with Sina Weibo and we know so many of you have questions about your Weibo account, but we really cannot help you. Please do not email us with questions related to your Weibo account.

Q: What is the best way to follow you?

First, the best way to follow us is to subscribe here. You can also register as a member for free here. By doing so, you’ll get our newsletter which we will be sending to you on a (bi-)weekly basis to update you on all the latest. On social media, follow the official What’s on Weibo account on Twitter, follow editor-in-chief Manya Koetse on Twitter, or stay up-to-date via Linkedin, Instagram, or Facebook.

Q: What subscription plans are available?

To enjoy unlimited access to our content + receive the Weibo Watch newsletter twice a month, you can subscribe as a premium member here. Our annual subscription price is set at only $49 annually. Otherwise, there is also the $5 monthly subscription option.

Q: What is the difference between being a free member and a premium membership?

Premium members get unlimited access to all of our latest, our archives, and our premium content. With the free plan, you get access to one (non-premium) article for free every month, after which you’ll see a pop-up inviting you to subscribe in order to continue reading. By subscribing, you are not just getting access to the site, you are also supporting What’s on Weibo so that we can keep doing what we do and stay 100% independent. Your support is crucial to us, so please do subscribe.

Q: I do not have a credit card, can I pay by Paypal?

If your preferred method of payment to subscribe is not available through our subscription model, let us know via info[@] and we will see if we can add your preferred way of paying and make it work!

Q: I have trouble logging in

If you encounter any trouble logging in, please email us at and let us know your registered email address and what kind of problem you encounter. A screenshot helps! We will make sure to make solve your issue asap.

Q: Can I get a receipt or invoice?

If you go to ‘My Account’ you can click the ‘generate invoice’ option underneath ‘Purchase History’ in order to download an invoice. If you need a receipt, we’re also happy to send you one, just give us a quick heads up via info[@] that you’d like one and we’ll send it straight to your inbox.

Q: I’d like to support you, how do I do that?

You’re the best! You are already supporting us by being a reader and by subscribing. If you want to support us beyond this, we welcome donations via our donate page.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

Go to the home page and click “My Account” if logged in, or “Log In” to first login. Next, click “cancel my subscription” underneath the details of your subscription and confirm. Cancellations take effect at the end of your billing cycle. We can’t give partial refunds for unused time in the billing cycle.

Q: How do I delete my account?

If you want to completely delete your account, go to ‘My Account‘ and below ‘Your Profile,’ you’ll find a “delete account” option.


What’s on Weibo is run by Manya Koetse (@manyapan), offering independent analysis of social trends in China for over a decade. Subscribe to show your support and gain access to all content, including the Weibo Watch newsletter, providing deeper insights into the China trends that matter.

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