Fight Between Officers and Street Vendor Caught on Video: Bystanders Yell “Hit Them!”

A fight between local officers and a street vendor in Guiyang (Guizhou) was caught on video and shared on Sina Weibo on March 24. Bystanders don’t intervene in the situation, but instead cheer on the street vendor by yelling “hit them!”

A video of a fight between four local officers (‘city management’ 城管) and a street vendor, selling food on the street in the capital of China’s province of Guizhou, has gone viral on Chinese social media. The street vendor can be seen picking up a steel pipe and chasing after the officers.

The many bystanders can be heard screaming: “Hit them, hit them!”

According to The Paper, Guiyang authorities confirmed on March 24 that this confrontation occurred in the city on March 23. The city had announced stricter regulations for street vendors earlier in the month. Other cities, such as Beijing, have also cracked down on street vendors.

The video shows how the officers finally take over the steel pipe from the street vendor, who then flees. According to Netease News, the case is currently still under investigation.

“‘The officers are coming’ is like ‘the devils are coming’,” one Weibo user comments: “We can blame history for that.”

“I really feel sorry for these local officers that all the people are yelling “hit them”. They are helping the people by enforcing the law,” one netizen says.

If the Miaopai video above does not work in your browser, this is the YouTube version:

– By Manya Koetse

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