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About What’s on Weibo


What’s on Weibo is an independent news site reporting social trends in an ever-changing China. What’s on Weibo sheds light on China’s social media, dynamic digital developments, and the key shifts shaping modern China.

With a strong focus on China’s online media environment, What’s on Weibo aims to explain the story behind the hashtag and in doing so, hopes to form a small bridge in the divide between western and Chinese online media spheres. It is meant for people and companies to create a deeper understanding of China today and the growing importance of the Internet, social media, brands, and popular culture in the PRC.

What’s on Weibo is fully independent, and is not affiliated with Sina Weibo or other social media companies in any way. We always cite or link to our sources.

What’s on Weibo articles have been featured and mentioned by different international media, including  BBCBuzzfeed, Business InsiderCaixin Global, Calcalist, China Daily, China Digital TimesCNBCDaily Mail, Global TimesGeenStijlHuffington PostInternational Business TimesLa TribuneMunchies, NOSNPRNewsweek, Neue Zürcher ZeitungParool, Spiegel OnlineSouth China Morning PostTime (magazine), 360 Magazine, The Sun, The WeekThat’s Mag, VICE MagazineUSA TodayWashington Post內幕雜誌 [Inside Magazine],  新浪 [Sina News], and others. The site attracts some 250,000 to 300,000 international readers each month. 

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Manya Koetse

Founder & Editor-in-chief

Manya Koetse is a China media watcher and the editor-in-chief of She is a writer, public speaker, and consultant (Sinologist, MPhil) on social trends in China, with a focus on online media and digital developments, popular culture, and gender issues.

Manya founded What’s on Weibo in 2014 to provide societal, cultural, and historical insights into an ever-changing China through the lens of Chinese social media. What’s on Weibo is fully managed by Koetse, who has authored around a thousand articles on this site over the past few years.

For more about What’s on Weibo and its media coverage, see about What’s on Weibo. For more about Manya’s media appearances, from BBC World to CCTV, see Manya’s personal website.


Editorial Team


Miranda Barnes

Assignment Editor

Miranda Barnes is a Chinese blogger, media watcher, and part-time translator. She has a strong interest in Chinese online media and culture, and has been What’s on Weibo’s assignment editor, selecting news events and feature stories, since the summer of 2017. Born in Shenyang, and having lived in Beijing, Barnes is now based in London together with her British husband. On they share news of travels around Europe and Asia.