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What’s on Weibo is an independent news site reporting social trends in an ever-changing China. What’s on Weibo sheds light on China’s social media, dynamic digital developments, and the trends that are shaping the present and future of Chinese culture & society.

With a strong focus on China’s online media environment, What’s on Weibo aims to explain the story behind the hashtag. It is meant for people and (marketing) companies to create a deeper understanding of China today and the growing importance of the Internet, social media, brands, and popular culture in the PRC.

What’s on Weibo is fully independent, and is not affiliated with Sina Weibo or other social media companies in any way. For an explanation of the Chinese social media platform Sina Weibo, please go to our Short Introduction of Sina Weibo. We always cite or link to our sources.

What’s on Weibo articles have been featured and mentioned by different international media, including CNBC, Washington Post, Time (magazine), International Business Times, South China Morning Post, BBC, Global Times, USA Today, China Daily, China Digital Times, Munchies, The SunDaily Mail, The WeekHuffington Post, That’s Mag, Business Insider, NOS,  GeenStijl, VICE Magazine, 360 Magazine, Parool, La Tribune, Spiegel Online, 內幕雜誌 [Inside Magazine], and many more.

Visitors have free and unlimited access to the vast majority of our articles, and can read our selected premium content through a one-click-pay system provided by the journalism pay-per-article platform Blendle. Click here to read more about our Premium Content.

Based in Amsterdam & Beijing, What’s on Weibo is managed by sinologist and editor-in-chief Manya Koetse.


Managing editor, writer & founder:

Manya Koetse

What’s on Weibo is managed by sinologist and editor-in-chief Manya Koetse – researcher, consultant and public speaker on China’s social trends, digital developments & new media. For more about Manya, see


What’s on Weibo Contributors Team:

For an overview of the team and our last articles see our team page.

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What’s on Weibo provides social, cultural & historical insights into an ever-changing China. What’s on Weibo sheds light on China’s digital media landscape and brings the story behind the hashtag. This independent news site is managed by sinologist Manya Koetse. Contact ©2014-2018


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