Examples of China’s Extreme Bullying Video’s [Warning: Graphic Violence]

The following video’s are examples of the violent bullying videos that have become popular on Chinese social media. See our article on extreme bullying. These are Miaopai or Youku video’s. These videos show graphic violence and disturbing content, viewer discretion is advised. Could take some time to load depending on location.

This article has been updated (December 2016) with more examples as campus violence has further spread on Chinese social media over the past year.

1. Boy in Shenzhen gets kicked by classmates, cheered on by friends who are recording it (Shared on Weibo in December, 2016)

Shenzhen boy gets kicked by classmates

2. Girl gets slapped in turns by her fellow dormmates (Shared on Weibo in November, 2016).

Severe Dorm Bullying in China

3.Girls beating each other with steel pipes (Shared on March 22, 2016).

Girls beating each other with steel pipes…

4. Boys beating their teacher (Shared on March 22, 2016)

5. Girls repeatedly beating other girl in the face (Shared on March 23, 2016)

Girls repeatedly beating other girl in the face… door whatsonweibo

6. Schoolgirl gets kicked in stomach (Shared in February 2015, and again in November 2015).

7. Group of schoolchildren gang up on one victim and kick her to the ground (Shared in 2015 by the Campus Violence Weibo account.)


About the author: Manya Koetse is the editor-in-chief of www.whatsonweibo.com. She is a writer and consultant (Sinologist, MPhil) on social trends in China, with a focus on social media and digital developments, Sino-Japanese relations and gender issues. Contact at manya@whatsonweibo.com, or follow on Twitter.


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