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Shanghai Police Releases Surveillance Footage of Dumbest Burglars Ever

If all burglars were this stupid, the police wouldn’t need to work overtime.

Published on

On February 14, the official Weibo account of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau (@上海市公安局官方微博) released a video on its channel that is going viral on Chinese social media today. The video was captured through surveillance cameras after midnight.

The video shows two burglars attempting to break in when something goes terribly wrong – see the video for yourself, although some viewer discretion is advised.

“If all burglars were like this, we wouldn’t need to work overtime,” the Shanghai Public Security Bureau writes.

“You might not need to work overtime, but the nurses and doctors at the hospital surely will,” some netizens reply.

The video was watched 4 million times shortly after it was published on Weibo. Further information on how the unfortunate burglar is currently doing has not been released.

By Manya Koetse

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China Local News

IKEA Being Sued in China over “Exploding” Drinking Glass

This IKEA glass case is blowing up.

Published on

March 15 is not only China’s Consumer’s Day, it is also the day that IKEA was scheduled to go to court in China over an exploding glass.

On May 20, 2017, a woman in Beijing was about to drink cooling boiled water from a ‘Stelna’ IKEA cup when the glass exploded in her face. The woman, whose name is Wang, lost consciousness and was sent to the hospital, where she needed four stitches in her lip. She also broke her front tooth due to the incident.

Wang is now suing IKEA for delivering a “flawed product,” Chinese news outlet The Hour reports on Weibo. She is asking one million yuan (±158,000$) in compensation.

For now, however, the court case has been rescheduled because IKEA reportedly returned the court papers with no response. The Stelna IKEA glasses are also still being sold in its stores.

The ‘exploding’ glass case became a big topic on Weibo on March 15, receiving thousands of comments.

It is not the first time flawed IKEA products make the news. In 2013, the store’s ‘Lyda’ glasses were recalled when at least ten people got injured after pouring hot liquids into it, causing the glass to break.

“My family has also bought IKEA glasses, and they also exploded,” one commenter from Chongqing said: “Luckily, nobody got hurt.”

“I poured boiling water into an IKEA glass the other day to prepare instant noodles in it, and it instantly exploded,” another Weibo user (@宝先生的_太太) wrote.

Other commenters also complain over IKEA products, saying they’ve had things spontaneously breaking too.

Some worried people ask: “Is this just a normal risk of using glass, or does it really have to do with IKEA? Do we have to throw out our glasses now?”

But many netizens are more concerned about the legal aspect of the case. “In America, people can receive compensation [in court] as if they’re the emperor, and in China they cannot even serve court papers!”, some said.

“How is it even possible to ignore court papers?”, others also wondered.

Cases such as this one often make the news on China’s Consumer’s Day (March 15). This year marks the 28th edition of the special day, when an annual consumer rights report is released and a special CCTV program is dedicated to protecting consumer rights and uncovering malpractices by companies.

In November of last year, English-language media also reported about glass IKEA products spontaneously exploding, including glass tables shattering without people being nearby.

In this particular case, the IKEA court case will be postponed to a later date. Sina News wrote that IKEA’s customer relations manager said the company was not aware about the lawsuit until it was very close to the date. The court will resend the legal papers and schedule the case to appear later this year.

By Manya Koetse

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China Local News

Woman Kicked Out on Highway Off-ramp by Boyfriend over Spring Festival Argument

He put her out of the car, but their relationship is still on.

Published on

News of a Chinese woman being kicked out of the car beside a high-speed road by her boyfriend is making its rounds on Weibo today. What many netizens are especially astonished about, is that the couple is still together.

On February 20, Chinese newspaper People’s Daily reported on Weibo that a woman was kicked out of the car by her boyfriend on Sunday while driving home to celebrate Chinese New Year.

The incident occurred at the Zhejiang Hangzhou highway. Local traffic police spotted the woman walking by herself on the off-ramp, carrying a suitcase.

The woman reportedly was visibly upset and told the police that she was on her way to her Anhui hometown with her boyfriend when they got into an argument and he kicked her out of the car.

Footage of the woman wandering about the side of the highway was published on Weibo by online media outlet Pear Video, and was shared hundreds of times on Chinese social media on Tuesday.

As reported by various Chinese news outlets, the woman’s boyfriend was later tracked down by police and apologized for leaving his girlfriend beside the highway. After a police mediation, the couple still continued their way to the New Year’s festivities together.

“Why didn’t she break up with him?!” many commenters on the news wonder.

“If you’re looking for a marriage partner, don’t pick him from a garbage dump,” some wrote.

Others warn the woman that her boyfriend’s current actions are a bad omen for the future: “Now he’ll throw you out of the car together with your suitcase, later he’ll throw you out of the car together with your child.”

“If there’s a first time, there’ll always be second time,” many netizens also said.

In 2016, a fighting couple also shocked the online community when footage of a man putting his wife in the back of his car trunk at a Hebei gas station went viral on Weibo.

A day after the incident, the woman said she would not press charges against her own husband, igniting discussions over whether or not the man should be punished anyway for the abuse – regardless of whether or not she would press charges.

As for the couple in today’s new feature, most netizens just hope for one thing: “Whatever you do, do not marry him!”

By Manya Koetse

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