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China Arts & Entertainment

Jia Ling Returns to the Limelight with New “YOLO” Movie and 110-Pound Weight Loss Announcement

After a year away from the spotlight, Chinese actress and director Jia Ling is back, announcing both a new film and slimmer figure.

China Insight

A Snowball Effect: How Cold Harbin Became the Hottest Place in China

Part of Harbin's enormous success can be attributed to a snowball effect, but the hype is also the result of a well-coordinated campaign.

China Brands, Marketing & Consumers

Show-Inspired Journeys: Chinese Netizens Explore Next Travel Destination Through Favorite TV Series

The rising influence of Chinese TV dramas on tourism highlights the synergy between entertainment & social media in China, serving as a powerful tool for travel promotion.

China Arts & Entertainment

Yu Hua’s Surprising Transformation from Renowned Avant-Garde Writer to Beloved “Scruffy Pup”

Yu Hua's rise as an online celebrity highlights that Chinese youth value relatability and likability over literary prestige.

China Memes & Viral

China’s Trending Terminology: Top 25 Buzzwords and Catchphrases of 2023

Which words and phrases made it to Weibo's top trending lists in 2023? We've compiled a top 25 of the most popular and noteworthy buzzwords.

China History

A Chinese Christmas Message: It’s Not Santa Bringing Peace, but the People’s Liberation Army

On social media, Chinese official channels are not celebrating a Merry Christmas but instead focus on a Military Christmas.

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