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Suicide Note of WePhone Founder Su Xiangmao (Translation)



Full translation of the suicide note left on Chinese social media by Su Xiangmao, founder of the WePhone app, on September 7:


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“I am the founder of the WePhone app, and today I have to go. The app cannot continue, and I am sorry about that. I would have never expected things to turn out this way. It was my extremely vicious ex-wife Zhai Xinxin who killed me in the end.

I met her on Jiayuan [a Chinese marriage/dating site, MK] and already spent thousands of dollars on her before we even married. It wasn’t until the day before tying the knot that she told me she’d actually been married for a short time some years ago (that guy also ended up paying her 200,000 yuan [±$30,700]).

I accepted it. I did not cheat during the month we were married, there was no violence, but I lost my love for her. The main reason for that was the fact she liked to make up lies about things, which left me with this horrible feeling. She wasn’t the same woman I’d brought to my home town, I realized how hateful she actually was. We both raised the topic of divorce together.

While we were preparing the divorce papers, she often brought people to my house to harass me, or she made them call me. That vicious woman eventually used 2 points to blackmail me:

1. That I personally was guilty of tax evasion and that she would report me for that.

2. That the WePhone app online call-function was a ‘gray business,’ and that she would use her uncle Liu Kejian (who is a big government official according to her) to take my app offline and make sure I’d lose a fortune in fines.

She went as far as to demand 10.000.000 RMB [±1.5 million US$] from me as well as my house in Sanya. She also asked some low-life gangster lawyers to intimidate me.

I admit I was a coward, and hid in the bar for a few days. I became so mentally and physically exhausted that I finally signed those evil divorce papers in a very muddled and mixed-up state of mind.

Just thinking of this now shames me like nothing else, this divorce agreement now hounds me to death. Each and every word in this agreement was carefully placed there. The main point is, that she clearly prepared to report me anyway after paying her this money, so she added a sentence ‘the debt on the man’s side has nothing to do with the woman.’

I feel so desperate.

All my funds are gone, I am really desperate.

I didn’t ask my family for help in time. And now it is too late to regret it. They are fantastic people and would come from my hometown to support me at any time, but I was fighting this battle by myself in Beijing. It led to me making a series of foolish decisions.

Zhai Xinxin: [adds phonenumer, left out here], [mobile phone number], [address].”

我是WePhone 的开发者,今天我就要走了,App以后无法运营了,抱歉。我从来没想过我是这样的结局,我竟然被我极其歹毒的前妻翟欣欣给逼死了。


1. 我个人有漏税行为 ,要举报我

2. WePhone有网络电话功能是灰色运营 ,各种暗示能利用她亲戚舅舅刘克俭(据她说是不小的公安局的官)的关系让我产品下架罚款、倾家荡产


我承认自己当时太懦弱,在酒店里躲了几天后,身心俱疲,最后竟然无头无脑地签了那个万恶的离婚协议,现在想起来极其羞愤不已,就这个离婚协议把我逼死了,这个协议里每个字都精心设计,关键是,她明显准备在我付完全款后继续各种举报我,所以加了一句 “男方债务与女方无关”




翟欣欣,37090….,手机 +86 152….,住址:北京市朝阳区……, 工作地点:北京房地…..。

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Manya Koetse is the editor-in-chief of She is a writer and consultant (Sinologist, MPhil) on social trends in China, with a focus on social media and digital developments, popular culture, and gender issues. Contact at, or follow on Twitter.

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China Insight

RYB Kindergarten Abuse Press Release (Translation)

Local authorities have published a statement regarding the controversial RYB kindergarten abuse case.



A press release regarding the investigation into the RYB Education abuse allegations is currently gaining much attention on Chinese social media. Here is a translation provided by What’s on Weibo.

Following a week of turmoil after concerned parents accused the Chaoyang RYB Education kindergarten of drugging and molesting their young children, Beijing police have now come forward with a statement regarding the case. The statement was spread online by various (state) media, such as Xinhua News, and soon was shared in many WeChat groups.

The statement says:

“After an investigation by the public security bureau, it was found that [suspect] Liu X. (female, 22 years old, Hebei province), a teacher of the RYB Education kindergarten in Chaoyang District, did “discipline” some children with sewing needles for not sleeping on time. The suspect has currently been detained for abuse.

The kindergarten’s total staff consists of 78 people; among them are 8 men, who did not have access to children alone. Experts and third judicial parties have found no truth in the claim [found no “irregularities”] regarding parents’ explanations about the physical examinations of young pupils. If the children would have taken any medicine during class hours, there are strict rules about it, and parents must provide the name of the drug, the medication time, and the dosage instructions, which would then be the responsibility of the kindergarten health care provider.

It was found that there is damage to the hard disk that stores the monitoring video of the class involved [in this case]. Experts of the professional technical team have diagnosed that this relates to repeated power outages. Upon investigation, the kindergarten’s storehouse manager Zhao X. (female, 45 years old, Henan Province, who was in the monitoring room) often forced off a power cut of the equipment after school due to the noise of the monitoring equipment. In the course of the investigation, 113 hours of [monitoring] video have been retrieved, without finding any violations against the children.

Considering the accusations against the kindergarten of a “collective abuse of children,” it was found that Liu X. (female, 31 years old, Beijing native) and Li X. (female, 29 years old, Hebei Province) have disseminated false rumors. Mrs. Liu has been detained fabricating facts and disturbing public order; Mrs. Li has received educational criticism by the public security bureau and has since publicly apologized on her Weibo account on 25 November.

Gou X. (male, 28, from Sichuan province), has responded to TV reports of November 23 about [his] child at the kindergarten being given pills, and has now admitted that the child was not given pills at the daycare center. The video content in question was taken at home with a certain medicine that was present in the household; the child’s answers were induced and the video was then sent out to parent’s WeChat groups. The reporter at the TV station in question, Liu X. (male, 36 years old, Beijing native) directly compiled the video without any verification.

In response to the remarks made by the daughter of Zhao X. (female, 31 years old, Heilongjiang Province) regarding the ‘uncle’ and ‘grandpa’ doing naked health check ups, Zhao X. now acknowledges that it was fabricated, and is willing to clarify the facts to the public and publicly apologize.

The public security bureau would like to express that it is carrying out further work on this case and that it will firmly crack down any crimes against minors in accordance with the law. At the same time, it also calls on the public to rationally deal with online information, and that those who deliberately create and spread rumors will be dealt with according to law.”

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Collective Shock after Exposure of RYB Education Children’s Abuse
WeChat Essay: “The RYB Kindergarten ‘Piston Action’ Child Abuse Case” (Translation)

By Manya Koetse

Thanks to contributions by Miranda Barnes and Diandian Guo.

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©2017 Whatsonweibo. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce our content without permission – you can contact us at

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China Insight

WeChat Essay: “The RYB Kindergarten ‘Piston Action’ Child Abuse Case” (Translation)

“Dear readers, I really cannot write about the RYB Education kindergarten.“



It is not often that a case causes so much online commotion in China as the recent exposure of alleged child abuse at the international RYB Education kindergarten in Beijing. Amid a flood of essays, posts, and images, here is a letter of one author representing the feelings of a larger public.

The RYB kindergarten abuse case has sparked rage and anger all across China. While police and local authorities are investigating the matter, netizens express their shock over the kindergarten’s intolerable situations revealed in several interviews and videos with parents.

Chinese social media platforms are flooding with essays, articles, posts, and images relating to this case.

Because the heated discussions have been met with wide online censorship, many netizens avoid using ‘RYB Education’ (the RYB abbreviation stands for Red Yellow Blue), and have started referring to the kindergarten as ‘The Three Colours’ (#三种颜色#).

Many Chinese netizens are also posting images of these ‘three colours’ in a circle; the core of the circle forming a black dot (‘black’ in Chinese also meaning ‘secretive’ or ‘illegal’). Some have started using this image as their profile picture on Weibo.

One essay that made its rounds on WeChat on November 24 addresses the collective indignation of many Chinese netizens – not just over the case itself, but also over the fact that interviews and articles on the topic have been pulled offline.

Here is a partial translation of this article*:

2017-11-24 Mo Yan

Yesterday, it was Thanksgiving Day in the United States. In our country many people also celebrated it. The big news that came out during Thanksgiving was the serious child abuse case at the RYB Kindergarten in Beijing’s Chaoyang District, in Xintiandi. This area is not far from my home in Beijing. We saw how the building was erected, and how they already started selling stocks at 7000 yuan [1060$] some ten years ago. The fact we had an international kindergarten stationed [there] was something that was promoted.

I could have never imagined how rotten this international kindergarten actually is – giving children medicine, injections, organizing naked health checks for the children, and making them stand and watch some “piston action” (damn, I can’t even name the dirty word here). This company was listed in North America; it was praised as “the New Oriental Kindergarten” by Xu Xiaoping; it was launched as an educational flower to the motherland!


Someone wrote an article on Douban [online platform], titled “Out Of All Child Abuse Cases, I Dread the One Where Parent’s Interviews are Deleted the Most.” In this article, the author writes:

“I would like to ask one question. Why would the videos of interviews with the victims’ parents be deleted, and why is it not allowed at all to discuss this matter on Zhihu [online discussion forum]? (…)

This is what I also want to ask. The author is a dinky, he has no relations whatsoever to the kindergarten. My child is all grown up now, the kindergarten he went to was very good. The abuse of children at a kindergarten also has nothing to do with me. However, there is that poem at the New England Holocaust Memorial I sympathize with.

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

Social justice needs to be protected by everyone. Anyone who stays indifferent because something is not a matter of concern to oneself is taking the side of the evildoer.


I did find the two interviews that were deleted online. One interview is that with a father, with a length of 4:50; the other is with a mother, with a length of 16:25.

In the interview with the father, he confirmed: 1. that some young kids were already taken to the hospital for medical check-ups and that they were diagnosed with anal fissures. They could not say what caused this. 2. that three small children were punished by standing still naked – two girls and one boy.

The mother who was interviewed was one of those three children who was stripped naked. It was also her child who was able to tell her this in a clear and complete way, exposing the incident.

It took place about two weeks ago. The child came home crying and said she was made to stand still as punishment. There was an ‘uncle’ who had threatened them: ‘If you do not obey, we’ll cut off your head and throw it in the bin.’ At that time, the child did not say anything about being undressed, and the mother did not pay much attention to the ‘uncle.’ The next day, the mom went to the headmaster, just hoping that the teachers would not punish nor threat the children. The headmaster flatly denied it, refusing to let the parent see video surveillance, and blamed it on the child’s wild imagination.

Then, a week ago, the child repeatedly talked about receiving injections. Perhaps it was because she’d been injected a few days in a row, that the child said: “Again, I am not sick, then why would they give me an injection?”

The mother asked the kindergarten about it, but they said there had been no injections. She asked her child again, and she said there was a physical examination. That there was a ‘grandpa doctor’ wearing clothes (..) and a naked ‘uncle doctor,’ and that the children who were picked were brought into a room by the teacher and were also naked while getting a health check.

Those children and the other children witnessed how the ‘uncle doctor’ did ‘piston action’ with a child. Perhaps the reason why she [the daughter] was not assaulted was because she struggled when they wanted to undress her, crying “don’t take off my clothes!”

The interviewed mother said: perhaps she was causing too much ruckus, and they lost their interest. The child later recalled (..) that it was the “mummy of the headmaster” who dressed the children.

There are no male teachers in the kindergarten. Then who are ‘uncle doctor’ and ‘grandpa doctor’?


That the Ctrip kindergarten articles were deleted, is probably due to the Shanghai Women’s Federation. That news about the Daxing fire news was deleted, is probably because of its large number of casualties. So what is the reason that news about the RYB Education case is being deleted?


If the little girl’s memories are completely true, the problem at hand is very grave. Then it would not be an individual action by a bad teacher – it would be an organized crime. Were those adult men free to participate in the “piston action” during those naked ‘health checkups’? If not, could we interpret this as some sort of commercial sex trade? And would the children, attending an international kindergarten with monthly fees of more than 5000 yuan [±760$], be their tools for making a profit?



Yesterday when I first started to see the articles on WeChat, some readers asked me to write [about this]. (..) This morning, I read a lot of media reports, including those from The Paper, Xinhua News, and other big media, and it made me really depressed. So I’ll write this for you:

“Dear readers, I really cannot write about the RYB Education kindergarten. First, there was Shanghai, now there’s Beijing. There are the persons in charge, and the headmaster, there are kindergarten teachers, (..), and now something even bigger has been exposed. The patterns of child abuse keep changing, and if we haven’t reached rock bottom then we’ll fall through the earth straight into hell.

So many comments have been written, it hurts. Every time we’re shocked, another incident blows up again. In the interview video, it was suggested that the headmaster couple had set up a unit for sexual assault (..) – of course, this needs to be determined by the relevant justice departments.

Perhaps it’s like ants trying to shake a tree, or like a cup of water on firewood, but I still want to call on the acceleration of legislation and the prohibition of child abuse. And to call for more punishment for sexual assault, and a reinstatement of the death penalty for criminals under these serious circumstances.

At the end of every sleepless night, there is always the next dawn. I can only support the children and their parents with my tears. Please forgive, because I really can not write.”

However, these unsophistication expressions and crude emotions were deleted within a second. I rewrote them from my memory. I re-wrote it three times in a row, and it was deleted three times in a row. Now, I cry as I watch the ending of the interview videos, and I also finish writing this article. As for the fate of this article, there’s no way of knowing.

After the parents jointly made their report to the police, the kindergarten (..) continued their classes and even organized a Thanksgiving celebration.

The Ministry of Education has already deployed and started a special investigation (..). The government of Chaoyang District in Beijing said that “if this case is found to be true, it will not be tolerated in any way.” Hopefully, the Central Discipline Inspection Commission can see this letter and do all they can to counter the toxic forces who endanger the physical and mental health of young children.”


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UPDATE: Press Release November 28

By Manya Koetse

* To read the Chinese: (致信中纪委:红黄蓝幼儿园性“活塞运动”虐童事件,什么人的罪恶试图掩盖) [Letter to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection: The RYB Kindergarten ‘Piston Action’ Child Abuse Case – Whose Crimes Are Being Concealed?], published on the xiaofuwang07 (零钱袋财经资讯) Wechat Channel.

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