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Suicide Note of WePhone Founder Su Xiangmao (Translation)



Full translation of the suicide note left on Chinese social media by Su Xiangmao, founder of the WePhone app, on September 7:


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“I am the founder of the WePhone app, and today I have to go. The app cannot continue, and I am sorry about that. I would have never expected things to turn out this way. It was my extremely vicious ex-wife Zhai Xinxin who killed me in the end.

I met her on Jiayuan [a Chinese marriage/dating site, MK] and already spent thousands of dollars on her before we even married. It wasn’t until the day before tying the knot that she told me she’d actually been married for a short time some years ago (that guy also ended up paying her 200,000 yuan [±$30,700]).

I accepted it. I did not cheat during the month we were married, there was no violence, but I lost my love for her. The main reason for that was the fact she liked to make up lies about things, which left me with this horrible feeling. She wasn’t the same woman I’d brought to my home town, I realized how hateful she actually was. We both raised the topic of divorce together.

While we were preparing the divorce papers, she often brought people to my house to harass me, or she made them call me. That vicious woman eventually used 2 points to blackmail me:

1. That I personally was guilty of tax evasion and that she would report me for that.

2. That the WePhone app online call-function was a ‘gray business,’ and that she would use her uncle Liu Kejian (who is a big government official according to her) to take my app offline and make sure I’d lose a fortune in fines.

She went as far as to demand 10.000.000 RMB [±1.5 million US$] from me as well as my house in Sanya. She also asked some low-life gangster lawyers to intimidate me.

I admit I was a coward, and hid in the bar for a few days. I became so mentally and physically exhausted that I finally signed those evil divorce papers in a very muddled and mixed-up state of mind.

Just thinking of this now shames me like nothing else, this divorce agreement now hounds me to death. Each and every word in this agreement was carefully placed there. The main point is, that she clearly prepared to report me anyway after paying her this money, so she added a sentence ‘the debt on the man’s side has nothing to do with the woman.’

I feel so desperate.

All my funds are gone, I am really desperate.

I didn’t ask my family for help in time. And now it is too late to regret it. They are fantastic people and would come from my hometown to support me at any time, but I was fighting this battle by myself in Beijing. It led to me making a series of foolish decisions.

Zhai Xinxin: [adds phonenumer, left out here], [mobile phone number], [address].”

我是WePhone 的开发者,今天我就要走了,App以后无法运营了,抱歉。我从来没想过我是这样的结局,我竟然被我极其歹毒的前妻翟欣欣给逼死了。


1. 我个人有漏税行为 ,要举报我

2. WePhone有网络电话功能是灰色运营 ,各种暗示能利用她亲戚舅舅刘克俭(据她说是不小的公安局的官)的关系让我产品下架罚款、倾家荡产


我承认自己当时太懦弱,在酒店里躲了几天后,身心俱疲,最后竟然无头无脑地签了那个万恶的离婚协议,现在想起来极其羞愤不已,就这个离婚协议把我逼死了,这个协议里每个字都精心设计,关键是,她明显准备在我付完全款后继续各种举报我,所以加了一句 “男方债务与女方无关”




翟欣欣,37090….,手机 +86 152….,住址:北京市朝阳区……, 工作地点:北京房地…..。

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