“America’s Great Savior” – Communist Mao Song Turned Into Donald Trump Meme

A Donald Trump meme song has been making its rounds on Chinese social media. The song, originally a communist song praising Mao Zedong, hails Trump as “America’s great savior.”

A video clip titled “Great Leader Trump” (伟大领袖川普唐), originally posted on Chinese video sharing site ACFUN, is making its rounds on Chinese social media.

The video, as featured by What’s on Weibo, is an adaptation of China’s famous communist song “The East is Red” (东方红) about Mao Zedong.

The original song goes:

The East is Red 东方红
The sun is rising 太阳升
From China comes Mao Zedong 中国出了个毛泽东
He strives for people’s happiness 他为人民谋幸福
He’s the savior of the people! 他是人民大救星

And the Trump version goes:

The general election 美利坚
Is approaching 要大选
From New York arises Donald Trump 纽约出了个川普唐
He strives for the voter’s happiness 他为选民谋幸福
You are fired
He’s the great America great savior! 他是美帝大救星

[literally: “He is the great savior of the American imperialists.”]


Although Trump is known for talking negatively about China draining American jobs and money, many Chinese netizens a have taken a liking to the presidential candidate. Trump fans have created numerous ‘Trump’ accounts on Sina Weibo.

Check out the video here:

Trump Video Goes Viral on Chinese Social Media bywhatsonweibo

– By Manya Koetse and Diandian Guo
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About the author: Diandian Guo is a China-born Master student of transdisciplinary and global society, politics & culture at the University of Groningen with a special interest for new media in China. She has a BA in International Relations from Beijing Foreign Language University, and is specialised in China's cultural memory.

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