Pregnant Woman Causes Havoc In Beijing Subway Because There’s No Seat

A pregnant woman has caused havoc in the Beijing subway today when nobody would give up their seat for her. Incidents of aggression at Beijing’s most busy subway line are nothing new; cases often involve young women.

Netizens have filmed how a pregnant woman sat in between the doors of a Beijing subway train because she was angry that nobody would give up their seat for her.

The incident occurred on line 10 during the day of September 1. The woman allegedly said she was pregnant, and when people did not stand up to give her a seat, she complained to subway staff and blocked the doors by sitting in between them, preventing the train from leaving.

Line 10 is the longest and most-used train line within Beijing’s subway system, which is one of the busiest metros in the world. With about 9.75 million passengers riding the Beijing subway lines each day, trains can get incredibly crammed.

Pregnant Woman Causes Havoc In Beijing Subway… by whatsonweibo

In the video, you can hear passengers saying that it is peak hour and that people are in a rush to leave.

Beijing’s subway often has to deal with angry and aggressive passengers. Overcrowded trains and stations can lead to outbursts of aggression from hurried passengers. According to local officers, many incidents involve female passengers, especially of women aged between 20-30; this group accounts for approximately one-third of all fights at Beijing’s most busy transit station.

For the local police, intervening in these fights is often difficult and time-consuming. Local officers handle female-related violence differently from when there is an altercation between men, as they have previously told Beijing Times.

When aggression involves men, the police will normally let passengers cool off and then mediate by letting them talk to each other, which generally solves the case within ten minutes. When dealing with violent outbursts amongst young women, however, the passengers have to be taken apart to avoid further escalation. An officer will hear their stories separately to win their trust and settle the case. The disputes are often more complicated because the passengers want to be compensated for dirty clothes or missed hours at work. Mediation for these cases generally takes the police over half an hour.

The case of the pregnant woman was not much different. According to Caijing Economy, she finally left after local police calmed her down and talked to her.

“Maybe it would be sensible to have given her a seat, but there is no legal obligation to do so!” one Weibo netizen responds. “Being pregnant may not be easy, but it’s nobody’s duty to give up their seat!”, other commenters say.

“I am also pregnant and I don’t understand this woman’s behaviour at all,” another netizen says.

– By Manya Koetse

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