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China Memes & Viral

Before the Xi-Biden Meeting: Chinese Social Media Views of American President Biden

From being dubbed the 'Sleepy King' to being hailed as 'Revive the Country' Biden, the US President is perceived in various ways on Chinese social media.

China Health & Science

Cancer Diagnoses in Young Doctors at Same Lab: About the Zhongshan Hospital Controversy

Within a short time frame, three Chinese young doctors received cancer diagnoses after working in the same laboratory at the Zhongshan Second Affiliated Hospital.

China Society

Murdered in Matsudo: Chinese Woman Fatally Attacked by Two Male Suspects in Japan

Two men allegedly beat the Chinese woman, leaving her in a pool of blood on the streets of Matsudo.


Former Chinese Premier ‘Comrade’ Li Keqiang’s Sudden Death Trending on Weibo

On Weibo, the topic "Comrade Li Keqiang Passed Away" (#李克强同志逝世#) garnered over 1.8 billion clicks.

China Brands, Marketing & Consumers

Tsingtao Brewery ‘Pee-Gate’: Factory Worker Caught Urinating in Raw Material Warehouse

The pee incident, that occurred at a subsidiary Tsingtao Beer factory, has caused concerns among consumers.

China Insight

Chinese Social Media Reactions to Israel-Hamas War: Pro-Palestinian Sentiments and Anti-Semitic Discourse

Chinese perspectives on the Israel-Palestine conflict are influenced by China's historical context and perceptions of its role in the world today.

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