Science Graduate Arranges the Moon to Propose

A Science and Engineering graduate proposed to his girlfriend in a very special way. Instead of a ring, he gave her a gigantic 3D moon. It triggered online debates in China on the true meaning of marriage.

On 25 September, a young man named Yong Peng made a huge 8 diameter 3D moon figure accompanied by two banners. He placed them in a residential neighbourhood. One of the banners said: “Mum, I give you the moon. Please let me marry your daughter.” The other read: “Marry me, Qing Er. I will grab you the moon even if I have no car and no house”.

The surprising proposal turned out to be successful. It attracted lots of people with much discussion on Sina Weibo, leading the topic to become trending under the hashtag of ‘Science&Engineering Boy Takes the Moon to Propose” (#理工男摘月亮求婚#)

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Sina Weibo netizens later found out the reason behind Yong Peng’s extravagant proposal. His girlfriend’s mother disapproved of their marriage because Yong Peng did not have any property or a car in Beijing, and she thought her daughter would suffer if she would marry him. Because Yong Peng works in aerospace engineering, she said that she would consider their marriage if he could get her daughter the moon.

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The comments in Sina Weibo are twofold. While some appreciate Yong Peng’s romantic gesture, others say he should not get married because he doesn’t have a property and a car.

User Andy1993 says: “The moon is meaningless and not practical. Money is the major key to a happy marriage.”

User A-MonsterGirl does not agree. She says: “This is way too romantic and is better than a diamond ring or luxurious car. What is vital to a blissful marriage is what’s in his heart rather than what’s in his wallet.”

– by Jennifer Tang

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