Chinese Man Pays Three Years of Child Support for Photoshopped Baby

The unfortunate story of an Hangzhou man who paid approximately 600,000 RMB ($89,150) in child support for a baby that turned out to be non-existent is making its way around Chinese social media.

A Chinese man who dated a woman for three months in 2016 was unpleasantly surprised when his ex-girlfriend claimed she was pregnant of his child.

The man, named Xiao Zhao (小赵), met Xiao Bei (小北) through a dating app. The two had a relationship for three months before breaking up. Xiao Bei later informed Xiao Zhao that she was pregnant by him.

Hangzhou-based Zhao paid the woman 20,000 RMB ($2970) to cover expenses for an abortion, but she later told him that the baby was not aborted and that she had given birth in her hometown in Jiangsu province.

In a time frame of three years, Xiao Zhao paid approximately 600,000 RMB ($89150) in child support, medical fees, and housing costs. During this time, Xiao Bei sent Zhao photos of their alleged child, and the medical certificate of birth. Zhao, who got married to his new girlfriend in the meantime, never actually met his child.

According to Xiao Bei, their ‘baby boy’ was hospitalized multiple times, urging Zhao to transfer more money to cover the medical bills.

By late 2018, Zhao’s wife coincidentally discovered Xiao Bei’s deceit while scrolling through social media platform Douyin, and seeing Zhao’s child in the photos of one of Xiao Bei’s friends.

It turned out that Xiao Bei had been using photos of her friend’s baby, and that the alleged medical birth documents where skillfully Photoshopped.

Zhao’s story has now been picked up by the Chinese media. Zhao, who reported Xiao Bei to the police, calls the whole affair “a nightmare.”

On Weibo, the hashtag “Son Turns Out To Be Photoshopped” (#儿子竟是PS的#) received more than 2 million views.

“Anything’s possible with photoshop,” some commenters write: “It is so easy to scam people.”

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By Manya Koetse and Miranda Barnes

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