Watch: Japanese Instruction Video Shows How to Make the Perfect Selfie

A Japanese instruction video on how to make the ‘perfect selfie’ made its rounds on Sina Weibo today. What actually is the perfect selfie?

An instruction video from Japan teaching people how to look one’s best when taking a selfie has been making its rounds on Chinese social media. But what actually is the ‘perfect selfie’?

Perfect selfie feat

‘Selfie esthetics’ are different in China than for example in America – as every country has its own ‘selfie culture’. See our latest Weivlog on this topic here.

The video, as featured in our Weivlog, is made by ‘lifestyle serviceC Channel Japan, gives the exact angles when taking a selfie.

On Weibo, not all netizens are too sure that their selfies come out as good as the video shows. “It’s not hard to take a good selfie when you look as good as the girl in the video,” one netizen comments.

“In the end, it’s just about your ‘attractiveness index'(颜值)”, another Weibo user concludes.

– By Manya Koetse

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