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China Health & Science

Cancer Diagnoses in Young Doctors at Same Lab: About the Zhongshan Hospital Controversy

Within a short time frame, three Chinese young doctors received cancer diagnoses after working in the same laboratory at the Zhongshan Second Affiliated Hospital.

China Society

Murdered in Matsudo: Chinese Woman Fatally Attacked by Two Male Suspects in Japan

Two men allegedly beat the Chinese woman, leaving her in a pool of blood on the streets of Matsudo.


Former Chinese Premier ‘Comrade’ Li Keqiang’s Sudden Death Trending on Weibo

On Weibo, the topic "Comrade Li Keqiang Passed Away" (#李克强同志逝世#) garnered over 1.8 billion clicks.

China Brands, Marketing & Consumers

Tsingtao Brewery ‘Pee-Gate’: Factory Worker Caught Urinating in Raw Material Warehouse

The pee incident, that occurred at a subsidiary Tsingtao Beer factory, has caused concerns among consumers.

China Insight

Chinese Social Media Reactions to Israel-Hamas War: Pro-Palestinian Sentiments and Anti-Semitic Discourse

Chinese perspectives on the Israel-Palestine conflict are influenced by China's historical context and perceptions of its role in the world today.

China Media

Wang Huidi: Stop Referring to Singapore as a Chinese ‘County’ (坡县)

The author suggests that comparing Singapore a small county in contrast to the giant nation that is China not only reflects negatively on Singapore but also on the Chinese individuals who use this term.

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